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How to increase the speed of your PC (Windows 7)

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Generally, a slow computer is like a pin in the butt. The problem arises either because it is lacking some adequate resources like low hard-disk space, low memory or incompatible power input (charger). There are general things you can do to alleviate these problems, and there are also specific things that can be done for different versions of Windows, none of which require money or extra hardware, just time and a little reading. Ready? Lets go….

1. Increase Boot Cores. 
This only applies to systems with multi-core processors (dual core, quad core etc) but is easily one of the best features for improving boot time.
Open up run. To do so hold down your start key + R on your keyboard, or go to start > all programs > accessories > run
type in "msconfig" without the quote > Click the Boot tab > Click the Advances Options button > Check the number of processors box > Click the drop down menu blow and set it to the highest number > Click Ok > Reboot

2. Disable unwanted system sounds. 
Self explanatory, but most system sounds aren't needed or wanted by most users, but use up system resources. To disable sounds:
Open the start menu and type in "mmsys.cpl" without the quote > Click Sounds tab > In the sounds scheme drop down box, choose no sounds.

3. Disable Windows Aero.
Unlike Vista, Aero uses a lot of resources that can be otherwise freed up. To disable Aero:
Right click your desktop and click Personalize > Click the Windows Colour tab > Uncheck Enable Transparency > Click Open classic appearance properties for more color options > Choose either Standard or basic from the popup box

4. Disable Unused Windows Services 
A lot of services are a complete waste of resources, hogging system memory and processing time when they don't need to. Not all can, or should, be disabled, however, the services can be optimized to give decent improvements to system speed. To sort out your services:
Right click your clock in the bottom right and click Task Manager > Click the services tab > Follow the Safe column to get the best performance without affecting your system.

5. Reduce shut down time
Reduce the Windows shut down times by reducing the time it takes for Windows to shut down programs that are still open. To perform this operation: 
Press the start key + R at the same time to open up Run > type in regedit > Go to:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEM > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Control > Right click "WaitToKillServiceTimeOut" and click modify. After then, change the value to a lower value in milliseconds. By default it is at 12000, 12 seconds.

Thanks for Reading.....Enjoy a faster experience and don't forget to drop ur comment below and Share!!!


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